Hi, my name is Alan Hatton-Perkins, I am married, with two almost grown-up children and have recently moved to Belper in Derbyshire.

Over two decades ago I discovered the practice of Yoga and was astounded by the transformational impact it had on my life! Yoga supported me in making healthier choices about my physical and mental wellbeing. The resulting change in mindsight raised my awareness of the connection between the body and the mind and has sent me on an incredible journey through life ever since.

Running has been a large part of my life, I started off by entering local 5K runs, five years later I found myself lining up for a two-day mountain marathon in the middle of Wales! These days I’m happy to recognise the benefits of a gentle daily jog or a brisk walk as part of my wellbeing routine.

The martial arts have and continue to be a source of fascination to me, for five years I practiced Shotokan Karate daily and became an instructor for a short while. With age I naturally gravitated towards Chi Gong and Meditation practices, treading this softer path has certainly helped me to navigate fatherhood into middle age, this path has also led me to Shiatsu.

Receiving my first Shiatsu session was such a defining moment for me because it spiked an interest and opened up many opportunities, at a pivotal point in my life. With the support of my family and friends it took me four years of training to become a professional Shiatsu practitioner. This amazing period of self-development and discovery continues to inform and inspire the evolution of my Shiatsu today.

For the last seven years I have enjoyed building up a successful practice from my hometown in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. Having recently relocated with my wife to Belper in Derbyshire, I am looking forward to reaching out to our new community with Shiatsu.

I am inspired by nature and also curious about how our interactions and relationships with the seasons influence our wellbeing, this is reflected in my approach to the kind of Shiatsu I offer.
When I’m not giving, studying or receiving Shiatsu, you will most likely find me in the garden, fishing, meditating, or enjoying life with my wife and family.