My name is Alan Hatton-Perkins.

I have held a keen interest in Eastern Philosophy and Health Care for over twenty years.

During this time through my own training in the martial arts I came to understand the bodies remarkable ability to heal itself, which when given the right circumstances can remain in a healthy natural balance.  I became interested in exploring how this could be integrated into supporting the body in modern day living through the simple act of informed touch.

Shiatsu with its holistic approach to health offered this and set me on a path of learning that continues to evolve.

I started my training with the British School of Shiatsu in London, where I gained a level one diploma in Shin Tai Shiatsu in 2016. I continued three more years of training graduating from the Shiatsu College in Norwich, where I completed my professional practitioner training gaining a diploma in Zen Shiatsu. I am motivated to continually develop my Shiatsu Practice through regular clinical supervision and continued professional development through both the Shiatsu Society and previous training schools. I am currently a director on the board of the Shiatsu Society where I am committed to passionately promoting the many health benefits of receiving Shiatsu. 

I have enjoyed building up a successful practice from my home in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire where I still offer Shiatsu sessions. Alternatively you can book a session at Oxford Street Therapy Centre, a local and well established hub for complementary therapies. Oxford Street Therapy Centre 

You can also book an appointment with me at the Ironstone Wellbeing Centre in Kettering Ironstone Wellbeing Centre

I feel blessed offering help to people who feel comfortable enough to put their trust and troubles into my hands.

When I’m not giving, studying or receiving Shiatsu, you will most likely find me in the garden, fishing, meditating or spending time with my wife and family.