What to expect.

You can expect to be attentively listened to, with complete respect and confidentiality, a space is created for you to feel comfortable and free of judgement.

During a Shiatsu session you can expect to feel deeply relaxed, it can offer a sense of wellbeing and clarity of thought long after the session has finished.

A Shiatsu massage offers you no ambiguity in its quality of touch, its intention is authentically linked to promoting the body’s own healing response.

You can expect to leave a Shiatsu session feeling better than when you arrived!




What happens in a shiatsu treatment?

Before the session begins there is enough time to be heard and a plan agreed to meet your needs.

A treatment normally takes place on the floor laying on a futon, this can be adapted to accommodate any mobility restrictions.

It’s advisable to wear modest, loose, comfortable fitting clothing, Shiatsu uniquely works through the clothes.

I begin the session by lightly palpating the internal organs, this highlights any imbalances occurring and guides me in redressing the bodies energetic balance. I will work your body moving it into various positions applying the required amount of pressure necessary.

It’s not unusual to experience mild discomfort or a mixture of emotions during a treatment, feeling sleepy or lightheaded is normal too.

When I have finished the treatment, I will tell you and leave the room, giving you a few minutes to reflect and reorganise your thoughts.

How many treatments will I need?

Understanding what Shiatsu can offer you is the primary objective, this could be after the first session or it may take longer.

Once achieved it enables you to decide when and how to incorporate Shiatsu as part of your own health and well being.

Shiatsu can act as a stand alone treatment for specific complaints or work alongside other treatments as a complementary therapy.

Shiatsu understands the interconnectedness of being human.