Since I started Shiatsu with Alan I have never looked back. It has been of huge benefit for my mental and physical wellbeing and whilst it shouldn’t in theory be relaxing, as it is a dynamic style of massage, I find it a great escape from modern life. I have been lucky to share Alan’s journey through his studies and took part in a case study to examine the benefits of Shiatsu with my PTSD and sleep problems. Reading the report, it was incredible how much Alan discovered about me through the treatment, which reinforced my belief in the positive impact of Shiatsu. In Alan’s hands you are in a safe place with kindness and spirituality. Please take the time to explore this ancient treatment.

Simon Hollis. Race Director, Go Beyond


I highly recommend Alan for Shiatsu treatments. I have had the pleasure of several treatments and can honestly say that it was a fantastic experience. His connection to the energies and his understanding of the human body is amazing. You come out of each session feeling great even if you can’t explain why it is you feel better.

Jasmine Bailey.